Monday, August 20, 2012

Brunswick, Georgia- Week 5

Hello Everyone!

This week has been kind of crazy. We had a family of 4 who was preparing to be baptized this coming Saturday and on Friday we got a text from the mother saying that she needed to take a "break" and pray to see if this was actually the right path to take. We were devastated but will continue to look forward and pray for her and others to find and teach.

We actually have found quite a few people to teach and it seems to be going well.

A Hispanic family who are members fed us homemade taquitoes one night when we stopped by- and tomorrow they told us to come back- and they will have some more food for us. They are a great family and very eager to grow in the church together.

My talk yesterday went well. I talked a little fast, but that's just what I always do. (But I did remember not to speak with the paper in front of my face- mom) The 3 others Elders in the area and I also sang a hymn in front of the congregation and they loved it!

It continues to rain multiple times a week- and now supposedly there is a West Nile problem near the border of Floria/Georgia... so we are encouraged to wear the mosquito repellent and basically be smart about what we're doing.

Honestly- I really don't remember much of what happened this week- it just flew by. 

Elder Crosby continues to be crazy and keep me sane. Elder Reid continues to train me well and also be crazy.

Hope all is well with everyone- love ya'll!!!

Elder Nielson  

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