Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 2 of My AMAZING Mission!

Hello Family and Friends!

It's been another great week in Brunswick. We are preparing for a baptism on Sunday- my first in the mission! I will not be baptizing her but will probably end up speaking or something. 

We definitely have our hot days here- the heat and humidity put the heat index at about 112 about 2-3 times a week (or more)- so that makes walking around outside real fun! Of course, last night we had a big thunderstorm and it poured for about an hour. We were in the car/a member's home so we didn't get too soaked. I told my companion my mom said if it rained I couldn't go outside (haha).

Honestly- so much happens in a week and the days all run together that it really is hard to put anything down in this email. If anyone wants to know anything... let my mom know or send me a letter (I love those!)

We went on exchanges last Tuesday. I went up to a town called Kingsland and spent the day with our Zone Leader- Elder Baczuk (sounds like Bay-z-ick). We taught a great couple named Chris and Krystal (who identified themselves as "Jesus Lovers"- which was great) we taught them a great lesson and really felt the Spirit. After that we went out to their garage where Elder Baczuk rocked out on Chris' drum set. He looked so happy!

We hear a lot in the Church that we are called to a specific area to serve a mission for some reason. I've only been out here for 2 weeks but I know that that is true. I have felt a number of times a witness that I am here in the Swicky Wicky Brunswick for a very important task. I may not know what that is until many years from now, or I may know tomorrow, but the Lord knows all things and will guide me and Elder Reid in all that we do as we go forth to teach the gospel.

The people down here are great- some more than others, but it's that Southern Hospitality. They LOVE their Bible and Jesus and their Church and many are set in their ways, but they'll take the time to listen to what we have to say. People that give us water are the best (we carry a huge thing of water in the car, but if it's parked a block down the street...)

I met President and Sister Barry's daughter at a zone conference, who served an ASL mission. We talked (or rather... signed) and got all the missionaries confused! I also met an Elder whose father is deaf- so maybe we will get to work together in St. Augustine (where the Florida school for the Deaf is located)  The Headmaster of the school, as well as a number of staff are members of the church, so I hope I can spend some time there.

Honestly, this experience has been the best of my life. I can't wait to see what is in store and where I'll go next.

Love and miss you all! Thanks for all you do! I will upload some picutures next week.

Elder Nielson

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  1. I'm so proud of your son, Karen and Rob. I felt the spirit and his enthusiasm for his mission in his letter. He is where he needs to be, out serving the Lord. He and your family will be blessed for it. We love him lots and miss him.